About ripping March Comes in like a Lion

About ripping March Comes in like a Lion

IT, VCB-Studio

March Comes in like a Lion’ RAW have distinct line with some aliased attached; The plane has rich details. The staff info in OP/ED are Full HD, so I tried to process these parts respectively. I also tried to make some functions, with them, the script looks more readable. I think it will also better for other people use this script.

I used common AA algorithm and slight debanding as general processing method. It is also import to design a luma adaptive debandmask, the details in the background can be protect with such masks. I find the the Special Disk have very good sharpness, and therefore apply nothing to this part. The whole BD-Disc don’t have any IVs, so it is easy to finish encode. It took only about just half month to release the rip.

EFS, Video processing
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