l-smash GUI 2 (WPF)

About 1 year age I wrote the l-smash GUI project, I used Winform at that moment. This time I used the new WPF framework (by Kice) to rebuild the l-smash GUI 2. l-smash GUI 2 is a simple graphic interface for L-SMASH Muxer/Remuxer, It can support muxing/remuxing of video, audio and chapter. This GUI only provide the most commonly used mux/remux functions and the timelineeditor function. You can create a vfr video clip with the timelineeditor. In this new GUI, the muxing/remuxing operation…
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The Nekopara OVA anime was released before Christmas, But the BD source didn’t. I had to use the Steam live Player. The Steam source is protected by DRM, so it will be very difficult to dump the video. I finally used screencapture instead. This time I used OBS with nvenc to record my screen. Due to some reason such as network problem, the recording droped frames. Although the quantity of the image source was not enouch(especially in some sence with…
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High quality x264 Output Plugin for Premiere Pro

TMPGEnc Movie Plug-in AVC for Premiere Pro is a rander plugin released by Pegasys Inc. it support H.264/MPEG-4 AVC (“H.264/AVC”) codec, which can provide very high quality video file. The TMPGEnc Plug-in use x264 as its encoder. So it has a very high encode quality and speed. It has some most useful preset, which can be easy used. It also has almost all of the advance features of x264: CRF mode, b-pyramid, b-frames number in GOP, mbtree, macroblock type settings, psychovisual optimization, Sub-Pixel Motion…
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