l-smash GUI 2 (WPF)

l-smash GUI 2 (WPF)

About 1 year age I wrote the l-smash GUI project, I used Winform at that moment. This time I used the new WPF framework (by Kice) to rebuild the l-smash GUI 2.

l-smash GUI 2 is a simple graphic interface for L-SMASH Muxer/Remuxer, It can support muxing/remuxing of video, audio and chapter. This GUI only provide the most commonly used mux/remux functions and the timelineeditor function. You can create a vfr video clip with the timelineeditor.

In this new GUI, the muxing/remuxing operation will start in another thread, so the main interface will keep live during processing.

The workflow of remuxing/muxing is also changed due to timelineeditor.  This GUI now support muxing with RAW video + RAW audio, RAW video + MP4 audio, MP4 video + RAW audio, MP4 video + audio.

In order to get a realtime processbar I modified some code of l-smash cli: the muxer and remuxer now report per 1KB instead of 4MB, timelineediroe report per 1KB instead of 256 sample

The queue of muxing still not available.




L-smash muxer GUI Changelog
v2.1alpha (09.01.2019)
    1.support more extensions;
    2.add process bar;
    1.recompile l-smash cli;

v2.0 (28.10.2018)
    1.support RAW video + MP4 audio muxing;
    2.support timecode;
    1.rendering the GUI with WPF;
    2.fix bugs;
    3.fix FPS autodetect;
    4.fix GUI no responding.

v1.3b (12.1.2017)
    1.support remux of MP4 video + audio;
    Tips: the remuxing of RAW video + MP4 audio is still not allowed, you should mux the RAW MP4 file first.
    2.add rules for input detect;
    1.the Start Button will not available while remuxing.
v1.2 (16.12.2016)
    1.add FPS autodetect(work with mediainfo);
        -FPS can be set as following list:
    1.the "X" Button will clean the trackname of video or audio;
    2.rebuild the GUI;
    3.the Clear button will also clean the log;
    1.fix bugs ;
    2.fix cli redirect bug.
v1.1 (15.12.2016)
    1.the output file name can be auto generated
    1.fix GUI;
    2.fix input extension hash.
v1.0 (14.12.2016)
    1.GUI can mux RAW video or audio;
    2.you can add file with "..." or simply drag the file;
    3.the "X" Button will clean the trackname of video or audio;
    4.the default audio language is set to jpn;
    5.the output file path should be specified.
    6.Clear button will clean exist infos
    7.you can start muxing with "Start" button
    8.the log only display "Processing" while muxing, and the GUI maybe no responding;


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