Recording about importing WordPress database

Recently I updated WordPress theme, the theme Zephyr requires at least mysql 5.6 and PHP 7, so I had to upgrade these environment. The environment was outof date secense last maintenance, I decided to update the lnmp environment and import the WordPress database after upgrade. To backup WordPress data is not very hard, just be careful about your database, config file, and media files. After upgrading, I import the whole database, but find a error notice when I create new post…
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How to an A+ on Qualy’s SSL Labs Tester

SSL protocol can protect our transport security, it also have different levels. provide a tester to check the security level in your server. I have to add some configuration to achieve A+. So I used nginx as example. First we need a valid SSL certificate, we can use Free certificate like Let’s Encrypt, and also premium one. Note: if you want to get 100 score in Key Exchange, you need a 4096bit cert. Choose Protocols: The default setting of nginx can…
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