Providing SoftEther VPN + DaloRADIUS service in BPI-M1

Amefs, Bananapi, EFS, IT, Linux
Platform: bananapi M1 Development Board(Dual core ARM Crotex-A7) Operating System: Raspbian (2016-07-13-raspbian-jessie-bpi-m1-m1p-r1.img) Aim: Provide SoftEther VPN service to protect data transfer security in Public WLAN; Provide DaloRADIUS service to enhance the security of WLAN authentication. Part0 : Preparing Prepare the OS First download the OS image, then burning image to SD card, and start the OS. We can use raspi-config to Expand File System. Prepare proxychains-ng to accelerate Software Downloading Proxychains-ng is a UNIX program, that hooks network-related libc functions…
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