Compile qBittorrent without Tracker Authentication

Compile qBittorrent without Tracker Authentication

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It is common to see qBittorrent’s Dialog, when some torrents says Error 401. Sometimes we use a torrents with so many such unauthenticated message, it will take me a lot of time to close these Dialogs.

how to disable such function? it is acturally very easy, just comment these lines(qBittorrent/src/base/bittorrent/torrenthandle.cpp line1403-1404):

//if (p->status_code == 401)
//m_session->handleTorrentTrackerAuthenticationRequired(this, trackerUrl);

then you can compile the whole qBittorrent to get your own QB software. libs: Qt:5.9.4, Libtorrent:, Boost:1.64.0 platform: Windows 7 x64 Enterprise toolchain:vs2017 when I try to compile qb with libboost 1.66, it was failed. so I choosed 1.64, and it works. you can compile the project with the guide of wiki except one more thing: you should uncomment DEFINES += BOOST_ASIO_SEPARATE_COMPILATION in qBittorrent/

you can make a software package with nsis. The package script can be find in qBittorrent/dist/windows/

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