About ripping Amaama to Inazuma/Gabriel Dropout

About ripping Amaama to Inazuma/Gabriel Dropout

IT, VCB-Studio

The whole July I was busy with my study, so I didn’t do anything about ripping, but I have already finished these scripts before exam. In this weekend I summarize the result of the testing about x265 v2.4, and applied to them. It achieved balance between quality and file size, which suitable for VCB-S standard.

Amaama to Inazuma have mediocre RAW quality, it does not have many artifacts, excluding some subpixel aliasing attached to edges. Accordingly, we applied Anti-Aliasing and Adaptive Denoising to it. In addition, this anime is friendly to encode, takes only 5Mbps to get a very good quailty.

The BD of Gabriel Dropout is pretty good. it has good sharpness, and a little aliasing in edge, a few scense have banding. so correspondingly applied AA and deband.

Amefs, EFS, Video processing
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